Monday, June 19, 2006

Puppy dog behavior problems

When we first brought Smash home, he had all the typical puppy dog behavior problems. He wanted to bite and chew and wet on every thing.

He has always been a spirited dog. In fact that is why we chose him from the litter. He was the one that came running out to us first. Most of the other puppies were skittish but this little dog just ran right up to us. We tried several times to put him back and look at the other puppies but he kept being the first one back to play. Maybe he chose us.

I determined that I would deal with Smash's puppy dog behavior problems with love and acceptance. He was acting just the way a little dog should act and expecting anything different without training would be unrealistic.

I have tried to create an environment where he feels loved and well cared for. I want him to feel part of our family pack.

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