Monday, October 18, 2010

Smash and Benton Falls

Smash's Hike to Benton Falls

This past Thursday, I took my dog Smash to Benton Falls in Polk County, TN. He was excited about getting to ride but he had no idea how much fun this hike would be.

When we arrived at Chilhowee there were two buses letting off 126 seventh graders from Ocoee Middle School. When the buses pulled away that is when Smash saw all the children. Some of them shouted, "Look at the dog!!" It was all fun with lots of pet the puppy.

Smash pulled me over to the children and as he was sniffing them they were all wanting to meet him. When we took off down the tail Smash wanted to be in front. (He knows the way to Benton Falls.) One young girl wanted to hold on to the the leash while we walked. Smash quickly knew someone else was holding the leash and he did what he does best, walk at a very fast pace.

As we approached the falls I took the leash and led Smash to the bottom of the falls. Here we walked on the boulders, wadded in the water and got a good cold drink. Several of the children got completely soaked and Smash wanted to show them how to shake off the excess water.

After seeing the falls, we hiked back to the picnic area where Smash walked around with his cute puppy eyes and asked to take care of the scraps as long as it wasn't chocolate or fruit. He also found out that dogs are not allowed on the beach at Chilhowee, but he didn't mind when he discovered that we were going to eat.

Overall, it was a fun day. Smash made lots of new friends and he got lots of pet the puppy. Smash is a good dog, and we love him:-)