Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My mechanic helper dog

Smash has always loved to be every where I am.
When I work on my Jeeps he loves to be right there with me.

We discovered his particular talent for mechanic work when my dad and I were installing my new Titan stroker motor in my Race Jeep. See my Jeep Blog for more info on the engine swap.

For whatever reason, we could not get the transmission to align with the flywheel. Apparently Smash knew what was wrong but he did not know how to communicate. Each time we would start to force the transmission in, he would start pulling at my pants leg or nipping at my arms. He knew something was not right. There was just no getting him to stop bothering us.

Finally we took a break and gave some puppy love to this funny puppy. Dad and I also decided to swap places since it was impossible for me to work with Smash crawling on top of me under the Jeep.

As soon as dad lay on the floor and I climbed up on top of the engine, Smash calmed down and trotted outside. Just then, the transmission slid into place just like it should have. I still don't know what we did different in the different positions but I am sure glad Smash made us swap places.

This was our first clue that this cute puppy was a very special dog.

cute puppy picture

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