Friday, June 23, 2006

Healthy dog food.

Making your own dog food.

When my last dog Jack died from lymphoma, I got really angry. I found out that I had been feeding him poison by giving him cheap commercial dog food. I was even further disturbed to learn that the "protein" content in cheap commercial dog food is often made up of road kill and pound puppies!

I determined from the day I brought Smash home that no matter what, as long as he lived with me, I would do my best to feed him only healthy food.

I learned about what wild dogs eat and what balanced nutrition means to a dog. I have studied nutrition in humans for a long time and my mom writes meals with a message so I had plenty of background to draw from in establishing a healthy diet for my dog.

I can now make day to day decisions about what to feed him based on what I have available. I also found some good recipes in the old book I had on the shelf "How to train a dog in six weeks." This book is now out of print so I won't bother giving you an amazon link to it.

As I was considering writing my own doggy cook book, I came across one that has everything that I would have written plus a whole lot more. John Miller's secret dog food recipes can be purchased at this link.

With the information in his book, you will know how to feed your dog to keep him healthy and happy without having to have a degree in nutrition or doing all the research I did.

When I took my dog Smash to get his puppy vaccinations, my veterinarian remarked "What are you feeding this dog? I have not seen one so healthy!"

So, if you love your dog, don't feed him another bite of cheap commercial dog food. Throw that poison out! Start him on some raw beef until you have time to collect the ingredients for making your own healthy dog food and download John Millers book right now.

You know how happy your dog makes you feel, so return the favor.

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