Friday, April 29, 2011

Storms in Cleveland Tn

Smash and I hiked the trails on our property yesterday and were happy to see no new trees down. The destruction nearby is amazing. Smash did a good job of guarding the bottom of the futon as we hung out in the back room of the house during the storm.

Smash took a quick swim in the creek. It is swollen but not flooded like is has been for the last few weeks.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Whoever said there is no such thing as tick season must never have lived in east Tennessee. Smash has hardly had a tick in months. He is always running and playing in the woods no matter what the weather so the environment has not changed.

But since it has gotten warmer, Smash has been getting several ticks a day. Our afternoon pet the puppy session have become tick removal sessions. I usually just pluck them with my fingers, but sometimes they are hard to get to. That is when I rely on my TRIX tick remover.

The TRIX remover has a little noose that I can loop around the tick and gently twist it off. Smash really does not like it much as it always get a little hair but it always gets the whole tick.

I have used the TRIX on myself as well. It is easy to use and always gets the head out.

I have found the best place to buy them is EBAY: TRIX Tick Remover

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April is Pet Safety Awareness Month

Pet Safety Awareness Month

This is Pet Safety Awareness month and I just want yo to know that keeping your pet safe and healthy may not always be easy, but it is very important.

When I first arrived at my new home I was a timid little puppy, but as I grew I became more accustomed to my surroundings and begin to visit the area. I have many acres to roam, and I find lots of interesting things to sniff and to chase. However, I have also found myself in some bad situations.

One such situation ended in me loosing a section of my nose. I was shot across the bridge of my nose and when I got home my dad tried to help me, but I was scared and I knew he was also. I ran off to my dog friend's home and he took care of me. The next morning my skin dad came and got me and took me to the veterinarian and he sewed my nose back together. This scared my skin parents, but it was never their fault I got hurt. I love my mom and dad and they do everything they can to protect me.

This past year I had to deal with my health. I had a really itchy time. my fur was falling out and I itched constantly. My mom and dad did alot of research and found out I was allergic to something in my food. It turned out to be something called Brewer's rice. They also found out I was allergic to flea and tick collars. They have since started to read labels on dog food, and sometimes they cook food for me. I also no longer wear flea and tick collars, but take a pill that helps get rid of fleas on me for about one month.

So you see, I have skin parents who love me and take good care of me. I have learned to stay out of most trouble, but sometimes I have to explore. I am an adventure dog and I love how my skin parents take care of me.

So if you have a pet I hope you love them, keep them as safe as possible, and do your best to keep them healthy. They will love you no matter what throughout their lifetime.

Here are some safety and health tips: