Thursday, September 17, 2009

For the Love of a Dog

Many households include at least one dog. Often as you are driving along through town or even on the interstate you may come across a vehicle that includes a dog. Having a dog is part of life for so many people young and old. They are like human children whether you have them or not.

As they get older and become susceptible to ailments or if they are involved in some kind of accident it affects us just as much if not more than a human loved one.

I recently was reminiscing with Mike about how much his dog loves me and how much I love him. Earlier this year I had spent an entire night petting
Smash gently to get him to go to sleep after a nasty run in with something from the woods leaving him injured. For me, I have loved dogs my entire childhood that continued on into adulthood. I even passed that love on to all three of my kids who hope one day to have a dog of their own. In the meantime, they "dogsit" for Mr. Mike.

Smash is in his third human year and has been through quite a bit as a country dog. He has all four legs but only uses three of them. The fourth one we refer to as the "kick stand." Even through everything that has affected Smash's life he has been unconditionally loved by family and friends.

Nearly two weeks ago when I was in for a weekend visit, Smash had somehow gotten injured. It became obvious when he was having a lot of difficulty getting up and when he did he was balancing on his front two legs. This immediately concerned Mike who scooped Smash up and put him inside. Thinking that staying inside would help him recover better than being outside and active as he usually is. After a few days though Smash was still having a time moving around.

So he started giving Smash Pet Health OPC-3, Beef flavored. It is just a powder you mix in with their food. Within just a few days he noticed a remarkable difference in Smash. He was not only able to get up and move around, he was also back to his old self by climbing up the stairs to the deck where he loves to lay and take naps.

Pet Health OPC-3 has done some amazing things for so many pets across the country, especially pets who have been injured and are getting up in age when they usually require assistance from their owners. With Pet Health OPC-3 they have been given that second chance at enjoying a fulfilling dog life enriching the lives of their owners. To find out more about Pet Health OPC-3 and read testimonials from other pet owners click on this link. Just type in Pet Health OPC-3 and you will have all the information you need to help get your dog right back on track just like Smash!