Monday, June 26, 2006

dog leashes collars

dog leashes & collars

I have experimented with several different dog leashes and collars with Smash. Because he is so strong, when he decides to pull on the leash, he can pull very hard.

When he is on the long leash for playing fetch and such, I use a ski rope. It is plenty strong and less prone to tangles. It will however make a nasty burn on the back of your leg if he happens to drag it across at high speed.

For normal walking and leash training I am beginning to prefer my simple leather four foot leash. It is long enough to give some flexibility but short enough to keep him under control. He can't get as much of a running start as on a six foot leash.

I am currently using a strong choke chain collar with the leash because he still tends to try to pull. A quick snap and release of the choke collar gets his attention. I have to really watch for the times when he gradually increases the tension on the leash without either of us really noticing that he is really starting to pull. Sometimes I hear a change in his breathing and I have to make him stop and release the tension in the leash.

There sure seems to be a lot to training your dog to walk on a leash.

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