Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How to train your dog

I started training Smash form the moment I picked him out of the litter. I made sure he was willing to accept commands from me and that we formed a bond.

Most of my training was based on How to train your dog in six weekshow to train your dog This book has lots of great information but seemed to be missing the part about how to train a small puppy.

I decided to use what I knew about training toddlers from www.pottytrainingsite.com and what I knew about training industrial employees from www.strawsolutions.com

I used lots of love and visualization with him. I found he responds very well to a well formed intention in my mind accompanied by simple verbal clues. For example when I say "come" I imagine him running to me.

This type training worked well when he was small but as he grew into adolescence, he has started to exert his independence more just like you would expect from a teenage child.

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