Thursday, April 22, 2010

FDA says no bones for dogs?

Smash says the FDA has gone from preaching to meddling or a least just gone dog gone crazy on this advice. They say it is a bad idea to give bones to dogs. Now we know that chicken bones can splinter and not be so tasty but large bones ave been considered safe until now.

Smash tends to disagree with the FDA. He says if he does not get rib bones or steak bones, he will have to resort to dragging home dead dear and raccoon bones that he digs up in the woods. This may be an appropriate warning for fru fru city dogs but for country dogs like Smash, he says he will continue to clean his teeth on animal bones than you very much.

He also wants to remind people that the song is not: "Nick Nack Paddy wack give the dog a synthetic chew toy."

Read the FDA Alert here: No Bones for dogs

Smash says just give this dog a bone.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hiking with Smash

Today we took Smash on a hike near the Conasauga river along the Tennessee Georgia border. This is a nice easy hike and since Janice is still recovering from her heart attack and Jenny was recovering form food poisoning, it was just the kind of place we needed to get some fresh air.

I am not sure of the origins of the trail but it looks like and old railroad grade as it is very level and pretty much straight. I looks like it was used to move logs from the forest to the lumber mill down stream.

Smash enjoyed being the leader most of the way. He did a bit of pulling on the leash when I had him but when Jenny's son Hunter who is four held the leash, Smash walked along very calmly.

The trees were blooming and were very pretty along the trail. Smash met a few other dogs along the way and they were all very well behaved. He got a lot of pet the puppy from some folks back at the parking area who all wanted to hear the story of his leg.