Thursday, October 11, 2007

Interesting dog behavior

I have recently restarted my morning exercise routine with includes walking with Smash in the woods. He now plays well off leash so I let him run and explore while I exercise.

I have found that one particular movement that I do which is intended to bond my spirit with the earth always has the effect of calling the dog. Smash is not unique in this. My previous dog's responded to this movement as well.

Smash is the funniest about it however. He will be off playing and sniffing and exploring and be totally out of sight while I do the other movements but when I do this particular one which involves placing my hands on the ground in front of me, I am often greeted by a big slobbery dog nose in my face. Sometimes he sill sneak up behind me and let me know he is there by nuzzling my backside.

Today I was describing this strange dog behavior to a friend who looks at everything metaphysically to see what meaning she might find in this behavior. When I showed her the position I use for the exercise, she said it is also a yoga position called the "Downward Dog."

We both found that an interesting synchronicity that dog would be in the name of the pose that attracts the dogs.

I have just learned to be aware that I will be greeted by a happy dog every time I perform this exercise.