Friday, April 24, 2009

Smash and the trip to North Carolina

Last weekend I decided to take Smash for a ride and find a park to walk him. Unfortunately the weather became rainy so he and I just took a long ride. Being that we live in Southeast Tennessee we're not too far from Alabama, Georgia or North Carolina. I wanted to go up in the mountains so Smash and I headed towards North Carolina.

It was a very peaceful drive with the sun peeping out of the clouds every so often. Smash was hanging out in the front passenger seat for the longest time. It was obvious though that he was missing my kids. Smash would turn and look at the back seat wondering where my two boys Caleb and Hunter were. Soon after, Smash decided to lay his head down on the center console on top of my jacket. He looked quite sad his buddies as well as snack givers were not with us.

Smash and I stopped in Murphy, North Carolina to have lunch. Of course, I had to share my sandwich with him. With his excessive drooling I just had to give him a few morsels. He got a drink and so did I. In fact, I was hoping with his drink I wouldn't have to hold it for him this time. After a little coaxing I managed to get Smash to drink from his cup which he ended up splashing water all over the place including on my cell phone.

On our way back home Smash decided it was time to take a nap. He headed to the back seat to lay down. Every once in a while he would sit up to look around. I noticed when he was sitting up though he was sitting on my college textbooks and my laptop. Guess he was keeping them warm or perhaps protecting them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goodbye to Zelda

Goodbye to Zelda

I have never really been a cat person. In fact when I was younger I was allergic to cat and would break out in red whelps whenever I was exposed to cat hair.

I am much more of a dog guy. I love my big lovable mutt Smash. We love to romp in the woods together and enjoy the outdoors.

This cat however, won me over with her unconditional love. She would always rub against me every time I was in range. She would walk a figure eight between my legs. I was always tripping over her in the mornings as she refused to get out from under my feet.

At night her favorite place to sleep was on top of me. If I lay on my side she would be on my hip. If I had an itch under the covers, she would pounce on my hand. She had a very loud and soothing purr that would always boost my mood as she lay beside or on top of me in the bed.

She was a little gray cat that my son rescued from the animal shelter. She had been with us less than a year. I did not realize how much I had grown attached to her until this weekend when my son found her dead in the yard. Apparently she had been killed by a dog bite.

I try to think of the happy times when I would pick her up and cuddle her and tell her that she does not even notice that I don’t like cats. She never did notice. She just cuddled and purred to me.

I had never known a cat to purr so loudly or so often. Her purr would vibrate the whole bed when she lay beside me. She was such a sweet and loving animal. 

I am trying to make sense of her death by looking at things metaphysically. I do remember one day recently thinking that if she never purred like that to me again I would feel really sad. That was an accurate prediction. I am very sad that I will never feel her purr for me again.

I know that her death means there is some part of me that has died or that I think needs to die. I am looking for that part.

For now I am going to try to think about what she taught me about love. She loved me and showed me affection even thought I did not like cats. She won me over with her love and purring. I never even minded that she would nip at my legs in the morning after I got out of the shower. She was a very loving little spirit. I guess her job here was done. But I miss her.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Marley and Me

If you haven't watched the movie Marley and Me yet, I only recommend it if you have a strong enough heart. It is a good movie though if you love dogs, you will probably go and hug them after the movie. Perhaps even letting them lick your tears away.

A few nights ago, I was invited to my best friends house to watch Marley and Me. I didn't realize at the time that the movie was actually based on a true story. It had many comical scenes like the dog swallowing the necklance the character Owen Wilson gives to Jennifer Annistons character. Or the dog sitter who flipped out once they got home from their vacation (honeymoon gift) to Ireland.

Over half way through the movie, Smash's human dad, Mike, was very teary eyed. It started at about the scene where Marely was sitting by the road waiting for the kids to come home dropped off by the school bus. From then on his eyes were never dry. Soon afterwards mine stayed teary as well.

Of course the end is a sad one though deep inside I knew the dog had a great life.

After the movie ended, Mike got up went outside and spent some time with his dog Smash. Then again Smash didn't have a clue why his dad was crying and hugging him at all.

If you decide to watch it, make sure you have a full box of kleenex right beside you. It's a good movie to watch and it is also a sad one.