Sunday, August 17, 2008

You're a good dog, Smash!

Smash is a great dog. On the outside he looks like any other dog. But on the inside he is a very loving, sweet, tug-at-your-heart dog. He is a protective, loyal, nanny dog.

My youngest child Hunter, loves to visit with Smash. Hunter will go up to Smash and give him as big a hug as he can. And Smash stays right there. Sometimes Hunter will point or pull at his ears. Smash doesn't do a thing. He will stand in place perhaps because he loves the attention and to be petted.

Probably my most memorable time for me had to have been a few months ago in the middle of the summer. The kids and I were over to work on a project. We were all outside in front of the house talking when "boom!" I disappeared from sight. Well, at least the sight of two other adults. All I remember seeing was a flash of Smash running past me and I heading towards the ground. I just laid there for a moment. Mike came over to my rescue to dust me off.

Smash was playing around with "Shep" dog when apparently they ran towards me knocking me to the ground. I am pretty sure Smash felt bad because the rest of the time I was there I couldn't find him. Just before I was getting ready to leave, I did spot Smash. When he seen me he did try to run. I caught up with Smash to give him a great big hug. I talked to Smash to let him know I didn't blame me falling to the ground on him. After I gave the hug Smash seemed to be fine again. As I was leaving I yelled out the window You're a good dog, Smash!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Yawn - Sleepy dog or is he feeling what your feeling?

I have always noticed that Smash mirrors my emotions. He often expresses emotions I did not even know I had until I paid attention to him.

Now scientist have confirmed that dogs do in fact feel empathy as dogs find human yawns contagious, read more here.

To find out what your yawns and other signals from your body mean about your emotional state, see