Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dog Behavior problems and solutions

Solution to dog behavior problems

After a lot of searching in bookstores and on the Internet, I came across a book that is really helping me work with Smash. This book is the first one I have found that addresses the issue of a cute puppy growing into adolescence.

The author of Sitstayfetch uses many of the same ideas about training that I had already found to work with Smash. He talks a great deal about dog psychology and how that as the dog grows from puppy hood to an adult dog he seeks out his place in the hierarchy of the family pack.

I enjoy my dog a lot and it was easy for me to let him get confused by allowing him to assume more authority than he had.

These mistakes allowed Smash to get in a very serious accident that severely injured him. I will tell you more about that gruesome event later, but for now, I am just very happy that by yet another miracle he his still alive.

I am currently reading sitstayfetch very carefully as I work with Smash to make I know how to create an environment where he knows his role and boundaries so he can stay as safe as possible yet still enjoy life as a dog.

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