Monday, June 19, 2006

Choosing a name for a puppy

Smash may sound like a strange name for a puppy. Like I said in an earlier post, I got it from the book Ogre, ogre.

The ogres in zanth sound like dogs to me and I have always liked giving my dogs ogre names. My previous ogre dog was Buster. Now Buster sounds like a name for a puppy but his full name was Buster Ogre.

The name for a puppy has a big effect on his personality as he grows up. So choosing an appropriate name for a puppy is important. Dogs seem to understand the images we create in our minds when we communicate with them more than the words we speak. So it is important that the image you associate with your dog's name is one you want to associate with your dog.

I like my dogs to have strong names because I like my dogs to be protective and strong.

Our last dog came to us with the name of Prancer. This was a sad name for a boy dog. He just could not get over it. He was a very pretty dog, a fast runner and a good hunter but he never could seem to shake that prance image that was imprinted on him by giving him that name for a puppy. We changed his name to Jack because he really did not have an ogre personality.

Jack became loyal and a good friend but he never was much of a protector. he always seemed to be the one who needed protecting.

So when choosing a name for a puppy, choose wisely because you will be influencing his entire life.

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