Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How to talk to your dog

Dog Whispering?

I learned a long time ago that my dogs respond more to the tone of my voice than to what I say. Much the same as toddlers.

I found that high pitched sounds seem to convey happiness to dogs. And low growling sounds convey displeasure.

Today, I was reading in Sit Stay Fetch about "dog whispering" as they call it. They confirmed what I thought about the voice pitch and explained some more areas in great detail.

I could not wait to try them out on Smash. No surprise that he responded just like they said in the book.

I have always used a high pitch sound to greet him when I come home or go out to take him for a walk.

Also, in Sit Stay Fetch they talk abut the importance of eye contact. I knew eye contact was important when talking to women or employees but I never realized that dogs respond to eye contact. So I started paying attention to Smash's eyes today.

Smash's eyes are almost as expressive as his ears. And making eye contact when giving instruction has made an immediate improvement in his responsiveness.

There are lots great tips hidden in Sit Stay Fetch. I am looking forward to trying some more with Smash.

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