Thursday, July 20, 2006

Calming trick

Using Dog Whispering to calm my dog.

Today I got to test the calming trick that is explained in the dog whispering section of Sit Stay Fetch.

Smash was taking a walk with me after supper. well first he had a squirrel cross his path. This was almost more than he could handle but he came back to the heel position with just a couple of tugs.

But hen he heard Janice calling us. When he saw her he was so excited that he would not do anything but pull straight for her. Even after we got to her he was jumping and getting the leash twisted etc.

So I bent down and made eye contact with him and made the expressions explained in Sit Stay fetch. Within seconds, he was calmly panting beside us.

We then continued our hike in a calm and relaxed manner. I continue to be amazed at how these little tricks work.

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