Sunday, July 30, 2006

Calming an excited dog

Using Dog whispering techniques to Calm an excited dog

This past week we visited my in laws. They have a very energetic indoor dog. Some kind of schnauzer. For some reason, this dog and I have never gotten along. I love most dogs but this one has always just annoyed me with his high spirited antics and barking in the house.

On this latest visit he immediately started his annoying jumping and barking when I walked in. At first i tried to ignore him as I usually do but then I remembered the dog whispering that I had been doing with Smash.

Now Smash and I have a very special relationship based on mutual trust, so I was not sure how these techniques would work on a strange dog.

But, when Preston ran up to me and started yelping, I made eye contact with him and made the expressions that I had learned with Smash. It took just a couple of times to see if I meant business but soon and I mean very soon, Preston was sitting calmly beside me. He has never done that before and every one there remarked at the difference in his behavior.

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