Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dog behavior questions

Some questions about Dog Behavior

How much freedom should I give my dog?

I am working hard to establish the right pack hierarchy with Smash. I know I have to establish myself as the alpha dog, but I also want to have fun with him. SitSatyfetch has a whole bonus book about being the alpha dog that has been really helpful in helping me understand what he is thinking.

I like to watch him run and play but, for his safety, I have to be able to know he will come back when called.

So for now, I am keeping him confined unless I am with him. The benefit of this confinement is that he is excited when I bring out the leash rather than dreading it like my other dogs have.

He wags his tail and runs up for me to connect his leash when we go out to learn to walk on a leash.

I let him run free for a couple of hours the other day while he played in the creek. I thought I might have trouble getting him to go back on the leash but he gave no trouble after I tackled him to catch him on one of his passes by me as I called him.

He gets very excited when he plays in the water and loves to run.

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