Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Feeding my Dog

How feeding schedules effect leash training.

I used to keep a bowl of all natural kibble available to Smash all the time so he could graze at will. This was put there to carry him over between feeding of the stuff he really enjoys - all natural dog food recipes like the ones found in John Miller's Book.

But after reading the How to Be an Alpha Dog book that came with Sit Stay Fetch, I have made a subtle change in Smash's feeding schedule that has made a huge difference in his behavior.

Timing his feeding like the book says has made him look to me as the pack leader and made a huge difference in how he performs on the leash.

I have been absolutely amazed at how quick the change in psychology took place.

And over the weekend, I got to see how quickly it reverses when one of my boys overfilled the kibble bowl leaving plenty left over for several between meal snacks. Smash was pulling on the leash and trying to assert himself again the next morning.

Who would have thought such a small change in feeding schedules would make such a difference in my dog's behavior.

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