Thursday, July 24, 2008

Smash and the birthday cupcake

On Monday, July 14th my youngest son, Hunter turned 3. Since he had been at his dads the week before, his step mom took cupcakes to daycare for his class.

When I picked him up that afternoon, there was one cupcake left. Hunter wanted to take it home to eat later.

We ended up going to Smash's house to have pizza and celebrate Hunter's birthday.

I decided to go ahead and let Hunter have his cupcake since it was his birthday. After a few bites, Hunter didn't want anymore. So I started to finish it.

Hunter wanted a sucker so we gave him one which he quickly decided he didn't want anymore. With the cupcake in one hand and the sucker in another I just sat there and didn't know what to do.

Smash did.

His tongue quickly snatched the birthday cupcake, paper and all out of my hand.

My jaw hit the ground while his owner began laughing hysterically.

Smash walked away with frosting on his nose and fur while I had an empty hand.

Later on it looked like Smash was having a tummy ache although earlier he was enjoying the cupcake.

Because I didn't get to finish the cupcake, I ended up getting an ice cream cone later.

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