Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I double dog dare you.....

Smash's buddies have been getting him in trouble lately. for weeks he has carefully watched the guineas grow. While I have wondered if he was being guard dog or just thinking of a tasty treat, he has recently taken to breaking down the pen.

We have lost two birds so far. It seems he does not bother the birds unless his other dog friends are around. I guess he is succumbing to peer pressure. I imagine the other dogs are saying things like: I would not let those birds eat all my food if I were you. Or Hey why don't you run and bark at those birds. Your people will be so proud that you herded them all up!

Either way he is having to be tied up again. This is his worst punishment. He loves to run and hates being tied up. But he will have to stay that way now until the birds are big enough to fend for themselves.

He just needs to realize that the birds are there for him. I got them to eat ticks.

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