Friday, July 25, 2008

Keeping Your Dog Healthy During Summer

Summertime and Dogs

Summer time is the time when many get outdoors and have wonderful adventures with their dogs. It's a great time to have lots of fun and you want to take special care of your dog during the hot days of summer.

Since you and your dog are outdoors more I am sure you are making sure your dog is being kept tick and flea free by giving him a bath. If you have a dog that is especially sensitive to shampoos and you don't want to dry his skin out then you need a products to help protect your dog.

I have been reading up on many different products and have found very few that do not contain chemicals. However I have found one company that sells products that are environmentally safe for your pet.

One product is the Pad and Paw balm that can be used to help prevent your dogs pads from drying out and cracking. Another product is the hypoallergenic shampoos that can help to condition and moisturize your dogs skin.

One other product I recommend is the OPC 3 vitamins for dogs. I have my dog Smash on this and he has had no problems with allergies since the pollen season began.

Check out these products for your dog at You can find these products under the featured brand PetHealth.

Have a fun summer with your dog and go on many adventures!

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