Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amazing inspirational puppy dog stories

Smash is one my all time most favorite dogs. He is a very amazing dog with lots of stories.

Several weeks ago I had my mom, niece and nephew come out to Smash's house to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery and walk down to the creek. Smash was running around being playful with his neighbor friend Shep dog when mom arrived. It was not until an hour or so later that she realized Smash's back leg didn't work like the rest of them. She was amazed because Smash didn't ever skip a beat when it came to running around.

The last few times I was out at Smash's house that he was being so protective of me as if I was now his official best human friend. He didn't like Shep dog to get near me. He loves it though when I give him lots and lots of attention giving him "pet-the-puppy." Majority of the time when I am getting ready to leave one of the last things I do is kneel down to pet Smash and give him a great big hug.

Last week I was getting ready to go out of town so I went by the house to do a few things along with my toddler son, Hunter who is 3. Smash was very excited to see us. He was sitting directly in front of the door on the mat wagging his tail so excitedly. In fact, he wagged his tail so hard it sounded like someone was knocking on the door!

Smash of course got up when he seen me get Hunter out of the Jeep. Smash loves Hunter very much as does Hunter.

He is quite the inspirational dog because he is so loving, gentle and stays with you whenever you are sick or sad. Smash has so much character that he melts your heart. He has proven that it doesn't matter if you lose a little use of a body part you are still who you are. He forgets many times his back leg is pretty much just a kick stand. He out does most of the dogs in the neighborhood. The neighbors are amazed at Smash's determination as a dog. We know he is one dog who enjoys life to the fullest.

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