Monday, October 06, 2008

Off-Roading with Smash

Smash and the Jeeps

We had lots of fun this weekend with our dog Smash. He is a wonderful dog and we love him very much. He gives us so much unconditional love and he enjoys life to the fullest.

This weekend we spent time at home and during that time we took our dog on a trip around the property in Scuffy II my husband's off-roading Jeep. I was sitting in the back of the Jeep and our friend Jennifer rode in the front while my husband Mike drove. Smash rode in the back with me and laid in the floor so he could see out after the doors were removed. He also could see his friend Shep Dog running beside us. I don't know if he wanted Shep Dog to ride, but I think he rather enjoyed the attention he got.

Smash loves to ride and when he heard Scuffy II crank up he was ready to go. The only time I was a little freaked was when we went to drop off the bank into the creek. I couldn't see out the front and I thought Mike was dropping into a different spot off the bank from where I was accustomed. I had to close my eyes and when we dropped into the creek I realized we were in a different place than I had thought and I was no longer freaked. Mike and Jennifer laughed and Smash gave me the look of what is your problem mom.

Later we took Jennifer's Jeep around the property and Smash got to ride again. Jennifer's Jeep is a street and off-roading Jeep. While Smash rode in her Jeep he kept sniffing out food from when her kids had been in the Jeep. He found hash round potatoes to be quiet tasty.

We all had fun! Smash you are one great big lovable friend!

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