Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to stop a dog from jumping on you

Many dogs feel the need to express their happiness to see you by jumping up on you with front paws extended. They usually do this after running through mud when yo are dressed for church or an important business meeting and running late.

It is important that you curb this behavior early in a dog's training but you can also use this technique to stop even a strange dog form jumping on you.

Remember that when a dog jumps on you he is usually just expressing his love for you. You really just want to let him know that this is an inappropriate way to express himself without causing him to think you don't love him.

The best method I have found is a swift knee to the chest as the dog lunges forward. If necessary to get the message across, you can hit him hard enough to knock his breath out without causing any injury to your dog. As you dog jumps up, just quickly raise your knee so that it impact the center of his chest as he tries to jump. It may take a couple of times for him to get the idea but if you increase the force each time he will learn very soon.

Once you have knocked him back or down, quickly pet him and love on him to show him the appropriate way to get attention.

Dogs love to give and receive affection. So be sure to teach them the appropriate ways to get lots pet the puppy.

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