Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Smash and his puppy dog friends

Smash is really a great dog. He has attracted two neighbor friends my kids affectionately call T-Bone & Shep Dog. If anyone has ever watched Clifford the Big Red Dog, this group of puppy dogs will remind you of the friendships Clifford had with T-Bone & Cleo.

Although in this case T-Bone is actually T-Bonette. T-Bonette is an okay dog. Actually, she is still a pup. I have left my kids bicycles and one of my outdoor chairs over at Smash's house while I am in between homes. T-Bonette took it upon herself to chew off my daughter's bicycle seat one day. My chair's mesh cup holder was found in the middle of the driveway just a day after we used it at our church picnic. Still though, T-Bonette can be a very sweet dog. My son Hunter says that all the time.

Then there is Shep dog. I have never seen him chew anything up but he is VERY jealous of the attention Smash gets. If anyone is showing affection at all to Smash, Shep dog attempts to intervene. I would say the worst part about Shep dog is he has a horrible habit of biting. Anytime we give Smash a treat we have to make sure Shep dog is not around. If he is he attempts to swoop in and get some. Of course, Smash typically takes care of that. I have had too on a few occasions swat Shep dog away. My daughter was giving Smash a snack one day out on the front porch. Shep dog intervened and bit Shiloh's hand. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I do not agree with dogs biting (which is what I am going to discuss next)

Both of Smash's dog friends belong to neighbors who do not properly care for them. Because of their love for dog and other animals, the Strawbridges off and on care for the dogs. Particularly because Smash enjoys their company.

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