Sunday, August 17, 2008

You're a good dog, Smash!

Smash is a great dog. On the outside he looks like any other dog. But on the inside he is a very loving, sweet, tug-at-your-heart dog. He is a protective, loyal, nanny dog.

My youngest child Hunter, loves to visit with Smash. Hunter will go up to Smash and give him as big a hug as he can. And Smash stays right there. Sometimes Hunter will point or pull at his ears. Smash doesn't do a thing. He will stand in place perhaps because he loves the attention and to be petted.

Probably my most memorable time for me had to have been a few months ago in the middle of the summer. The kids and I were over to work on a project. We were all outside in front of the house talking when "boom!" I disappeared from sight. Well, at least the sight of two other adults. All I remember seeing was a flash of Smash running past me and I heading towards the ground. I just laid there for a moment. Mike came over to my rescue to dust me off.

Smash was playing around with "Shep" dog when apparently they ran towards me knocking me to the ground. I am pretty sure Smash felt bad because the rest of the time I was there I couldn't find him. Just before I was getting ready to leave, I did spot Smash. When he seen me he did try to run. I caught up with Smash to give him a great big hug. I talked to Smash to let him know I didn't blame me falling to the ground on him. After I gave the hug Smash seemed to be fine again. As I was leaving I yelled out the window You're a good dog, Smash!

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