Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Training Smash to Stay

Now that Smash has gotten the hang of using his leg, I have resumed his training.

He remembered sit very well. He has a little trouble tossing that leg out and sitting for a long time gets uncomfortable for him but he does it well.

He still has a bit of trouble with stay. he wants to get up and follow me when I walk away. We have to keep repeating the procedure of sit - stay - no sit - stay- no - sit - stay - good boy - stay.

He does much better if there are two of us to work with him. If one trainer holds a hand in front of his face while the other one walks with the leash he stays just fine.

I am sure he will get the hang of stay again soon.

To learn how to train your own dog get Sit- Stay - Fetch from Animal Kingdom

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