Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Menu Foods insider trading

I can't stay quite about this any longer!

When I first heard about he Menu Foods dog food recall, I searched for info to post on this blog and send to my mailing list. All I found on the Menu Foods web site was an article about how stock prices might be impacted by the recall. Only later could I find a list of the recalled foods which by that time were circulated in the media.

Menu foods has since changed their web site and I can't find that original press release about the stock prices. I suspect it went away when news of the insider trading broke.

"Menu Foods began getting calls about sick cats around Feb. 26

CFO Mark Wiens sold 14,000 shares for $89,900 on Feb. 26 and Feb. 27. The shares are now worth about $54,000. "

See this article for more...

Also, still compare Menu Foods website with Nutro's web site. Notice any difference in tone?

All this makes me even more determined to know exactly what is going into Smash's food dish.

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