Monday, May 14, 2007

Meditation while walking my dog

Meditation is all about being in the present moment and stilling the mind.

I find that while walking Smash, if I observe how he interacts with the environment, I can release my stress and worries and enjoy the walk as much as he does.

It amazes me how he never tires of sniffing the same tree or bush each time we walk past it. He sniffs it as if he has never sniffed it before. Or maybe he is seeking a subtle change in smell.

Some days he can't wait to splash in the water of the creek.

Other days he is more interested in seeking out just the right blade of grass to nibble on.

He loves to look up and watch the birds fly and watch the squirrels play in the trees.

He greets the turtles with a sniff and nudge with his nose before he quickly looses interest and moves on the the next thing along the trail.

When I let go and just observe the woods the same way Smash does, I see so much more that just a walk int he woods. I feel a connection to all of nature.

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Alicia said...

Hello, i'm very happy that i have found your blog...i am working on a portfolio for my psychology class and the subject i picked was the animals effect on it's owner and your blog seems to me that walking your dog seems to help calm you and to appreciate nature more...i dont have a dog anymore but i used to feel the same way as you do walking your dog..i used to find it very relaxing to just go walking with just my dog and have no worries. Thankyou.