Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Update on Smash's healing process

Natural Healing

Smash is healing nicely from his injuries. The cuts on his side are hardly visible now. Most of the hair has grown back. There is still a missing stripe of fur where the bandage that held his leg that first week rubbed it raw, but you have to look close to see it.

The leg that I was told need to be amputated is doing well too. He uses it to scratch his nose although he looks funny when he does it!

Most amazingly he can balance on it while he hike the other leg to mark his territory. And as we were packing for our trip this easter weekend he showed that he wanted to go too by jumping into the back of our Suburban!

I still won't let him run loose as I keep seeing the neighbor dogs out on the road where I suspect he got hit. But he is adapting to being somewhat confined.

I give several Reiki treatments each week and I have been doing EFT on myself to calm my worries about him. He really does not seem to know he has a problem anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Smash's story so far has been a great inspiration to me.

My young 1 and a half year old Chihuahua/terrior mix recently broke her leg, and I've been worried about various complications this could cause her, as well as the state her leg would be in after it had healed. Most of all, I was concerned with whether or not she would be able to continue to live a full and happy life.

However, after reading about Smash and his injuries, I now feel a lot better about my dog and hope that she will be able to adjust half as well as he seems to have.