Thursday, February 15, 2007

An Update on Smash

Canine Injury

Smash is doing much better. He has he appetite back with abundance!

He is finally getting the hang of peeing and pooping while balancing on only one back leg. He would still like it better if I would let him run free to go where he wants but I am keeping him on the leash for now.

He has done pretty well and re learning how to walk on a leash. He will balk on me when I think about returning to the house before he has finished sniffing the puppy trail.

I let him sleep in the garage and he has rearranged the furniture to suit him. He found a bag of stuffed animals that was destined for disposal and arranged them into a colorful sleeping area. But he would rather be back outdoors.

Thanks to all who have sent support and prayers and healing energy to Smash. I no longer refer to him as having a broken leg but a healing leg.

I have added the animal Reiki book to my

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