Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Smash's injuries

canine health problems

Smash is doing relatively well for what he has been through.

We are keeping him confined to a crate. Click here for crate training tips.

His cuts are healing quickly. And he is getting stronger every day.

His biggest challenge is the broken femur bone in his right rear leg. This bone is very tricky to work with because the muscles are so strong that they can tear he bone back apart even under good circumstances. In Smash's case, the bone is not a clean break here.

I spoke with the folks at OrthoPets.com about making a brace for him. They can make the brace but there are some other concerns that I will have to discuss with Smash's vet concerning infection and other canine health problems and complications that could risk his overall health.

Please continue to pray for Smash's complete healing.

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