Monday, August 07, 2006

Pet treats

Dog Supplies- Pet treats

I have been searching the dog supplies sections of my local pet stores and discount stores lately for so good treats to use when training Smash.

I have not found much that I really want to give him.

They are all full of nasty chemicals that I don't want him eating. And he does not seem the least bit interested in the treats they tried to give him at the veterinarian office. Much to their surprise he just spat out the dog biscuit they gave him as a reward for taking his shot.

So far the best pet treat I have found for him on these hot days are frozen French fries. He loves these things. He has to let them thaw just a bit before he can eat them but he loves to play with them while they are still frozen.

So instead of looking in the dog supplies for pet treats try you frozen food section.

We have also found that our local meat department has some low priced beef ribs that have lots of bone in them. Smash really loves these and will chew one all day of he gets the chance. They keep his teeth pretty and white. So no more shopping in the dog supplies for pet treats.

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