Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dog whispering magic?

Is dog whispering a science or magic?

Smash and I are getting better and better at communicating with each other.

But I am beginning to wonder if this dog whispering stuff is a science or magic.

Since it is easy to learn form books like Sit Stay Fetch who explains it in a step by step manner, it seems to be a science.

But when I notice that Smash seems to respond to my thoughts as well as my words, it starts to look like magic.

Lets take today for example. It is a rainy messy day here where I am. We are all very happy for the rain as our creek had completely stopped flowing. But I was not nearly as interested in walking in the woods as Smash was today.

He seemed to sense that right away and spent his time chasing unseen things in the woods rather than walking with me as he normally does. Also, he did not come right back to the house with me either. I think he went to visit his puppy friends down the street. The ones who have been known to get him in trouble.

I tried not to worry about him as I went about my work. later I decided it was time for him to come home and I better go look for him. I imagined looking out and seeing him on the porch.

I looked out and did not see him. But before I got my shoes on, I heard a noise and there was my wet and muddy dog Smash running up to greet me.

I gave him one of his favorite treats and hooked him back to his tether. We were both happy.

So I begin to wonder if he is reading more than my body language and vocal tones as taught in the book. maybe he is reading my thoughts instead. Either way, I am glad I learned dog whispering because it works.

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