Friday, August 11, 2006

Dog grooming instructions

Dog Grooming

My dog grooming instructions for Smash mostly consists of:

A: Take him to the creek
B: Let him swim.
C: Trim his toe nails by letting him run until he dries.

Being an active short haired dog, that it pretty much all it takes.

But for many people dog grooming instructions are more complicated.

The Sit Stay Fetch course includes a bonus book on Dog Grooming with some great suggestions. I wish I had had this book when I had Jack the Border Collie. His long hair was always getting matted up and icky looking. Smash is much lower maintenance.

One of the first dog grooming instructions they offer is training the dog to be touched and handled. This is best started as a puppy.

Also, the dog needs to be able to obey the sit and stay commands as well as other simple dog grooming instructions.

So keep your dog healthy and looking good, get Sit Stay Fetch and make sure you get the bonus Dog Grooming instructions book.

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