Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tick removal

Smash has been collecting ticks like crazy this spring.  He normally scratches them of himself, but on his right side he has trouble controlling his hind leg so it makes it difficult to get the ones around his collar and ears. 

I have been plucking them off by hand.  However, I can't always get the head out.  This leaves and itchy bump under his skin for a while.

I have just ordered this device. The Trix Tick remover.    It has a lasso that goes around the neck of the tick and is supposed to allow the tick to be removed including the head.  I hope Smash likes it.  I will post again when I try it out.


Michelle said...

I see in an earlier post in 2006 you were trying Rose Geranium oil to repel ticks...did you have any success with it?

Mike said...

The Rose Geranium was only partially effective. He still got ticks, but not as many. I am looking for a better way to apply the Rose Geranium essence.

Also, Smash hates the smell of the Rose Geranium oil. He will immediately run an roll in the mud. I think this minimizes the effectiveness as well.

nona said...

How is your new tick removal tool? Is it really helpful?

Euri said...

I've only had one tick in the last year but my daddy managed to pull it out. Even though I go in the woods daily, I'm lucky I don't get many ticks. My daddy uses a flea/tick/fly repellent shampoo. Maybe that's the trick?