Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Strange Dog Behavior

Ever Since Smash had his last injury he has been acting strange. At least different for him. He has always been aloof in some ways. He prefers to run free in the woods behind the house and come home for meals. He enjoys sleeping on the front porch and likes to be petted but he soon gets enough petting and moves out to the yard.

Since his latest trip tot he vet he has actually wanted to come inside. Last night he came in to eat supper and we fell asleep on the kitchen floor together. He woke up later and instead of wanting to go outside he wanted to sleep in the garage.

Yesterday afternoon when I had to drive back into town, he insisted on getting in the truck with me to go for a ride. This is very unusual for him. He seems to want a lot of human company right now. I think something must have scared him pretty bad.

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Jade Brown said...

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