Monday, December 15, 2008

Smash's Recovery

Smash seems to have recovered very quickly from his injuries. Probably because of the attention he got from his dog sitter Jennifer.

He has wanted a lot more attention than usual these days. Generally he is rather aloof having important dog business to take care of in the wood behind the house. But this weekend he was wanted to stay close to us people. He even wanted to ride with us. Jennifer was moving some of her stuff form one storage facility to another and he tagged along with her. Last night when I was helping her move some stuff, I put him up in the building to sniff around. When he had checked it out, I was ready to help him down when he ran over and jumped into Jennifer's arms. She was quite shocked to have the 60 lb dog pounce her like that but she caught him just fine.

He has been running the hills behind the house with his friend the neighbor dog just fine. I still have not seen what he may have tangled with. I am mostly just thankful he is healing quickly. He has even been using his peg leg a bit more.

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