Sunday, May 18, 2008

Unexpected energy for an old dog

My friend Ken told me a funny story about his dog this weekend.

Ken was batching it for a few days while his wife was traveling. She had left him some vitamins to take that she told him would help with his ailments.

His old dog Prissy had severe joint pain and could hardly walk upor down steps any more. However, she was always eager to see what Ken was doing in the kitchen and she would eat anything he offered her.

We Ken was not too fond of the vitamins his wife had left for him but he was determined to use them up by the time she got home. So when Prissy showed and interest in the powder he gave her a cupful that she eagerly slurped down.

So everyday as Ken measured out his dose he gave a shot to his dog too.

Ken noticed that he was feeling better and more energetic from taking the vitamins but he did not mention that he was also giving the dog a daily dose or two.

Now normally, Prissy moved so slowly that when he took her out for walk. He could let her out the door, turn around and set the lock and alarm and catch her before she got to the bottom of the steps.

When Ken's wife returned from her trip , she immediately wanted to take Prissy our for a walk. She let her dog out as usual and turned to close the door.

Imagine the shock on her face as she turned to see Prissy running down the side walk!

Once she found out what had made such a differance in Prissy's life, she informed the company that made the vitinims and they have now formulated a combination just for pets: Click here to learn more about OPC for pets.

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