Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Smash's healing leg

So far Smash is adapting to his less than functional leg better than he is adapting to his loss of freedom.

We keep him indoors at night on on a short tether outdoors during the day. We have at least released him from the crate.

I am really glad that we had trained him how to walk on a leash as a puppy, because he would be really hared to handle now.

He still wants to go visit the neighbor dogs, but we keep him on a short leash when we walk to the mail box.

I have been studying Reiki so he gets lots of practice sessions from me. I have also been doing EFT with him as well.

He is so full of alternative energy treatments there is no telling what kind of a light creature he will evolve into!

Thanks to all those who have sent prayers and energy treatments his way. And if any of you would like the opportunity to contribute to his veterinary bills and other costs associate with the injury you may make a donation at this link. Just make a note that the donation is for Smash.

Or make a purchase of the Sit Stay Fetch course from the site and a portion of your purchase price will go to Smash's recovery fund.

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