Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Natural healing for dogs

I have recently received my Reiki atonement so I have been practicing on Smash. My wife and I have always practiced a form of hands on energy healing so Reiki is a natural extension of this for us.

I noticed the other day that we have been focusing too much energy in to his healing leg because the hair on the scar there had completely grown back while his other scars on his side and front leg are still surrounded by very short hair.

We have made a greater effort to spread out the energy all over him more.

I recently learned that dogs and horses have an extra chakra called the brachial chakra just above the shoulder area. This chakra is a balancing chakra for all the others. we have been working with this one to help balance him out.

Seems that most of our would be Reiki sessions end up being mostly just a lot of pet-the-puppy with is his favorite activity.

I have been amazed at what he has learned to do with his healing leg. He can now lift it at the appropriate times, and he can stand as it there was nothing wrong with him.

He still has trouble with the "sit" pose. He just can't get that leg to cooperate just yet.

But yesterday I got a surprise when I bent over to pick up one of his toys. I have not idea how he did it but I felt both of his front paws on my back as he somehow jumped up on me. Normally I would scold him for this behavior but I was very happy to know he had learned how to jump again.

I still intend to have a whole healthy dog.

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