Thursday, October 20, 2011

OPC For Dogs

The Fall Season And OPC For Dogs

The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are falling off the trees in many colors, and I am feeling very frisky in the cool air. I love to play during this time of year because I can run and not get so very hot. My human parents have to put on jackets to come outside, but I think the weather is perfect. I still do not like thunderstorms and the rain on the roof is very loud. However, during these times I get to be inside the house where it is not so scary when it thunders.

During this time of year I get to take hikes in the woods around my humans' land. There are lots of other animals out here. There are squirrels, owls, hawks, raccoon, beavers, and deer. There are also coyotes. I usually bark at the coyotes to let them know to stay away, and I get lots of pet the puppy the next morning when I do this.

With the cooler temperatures I have noticed that humans tend to get more colds and coughs. Well pets can also get these same things. They especially can have allergies throughout the year. My humans help me to stay healthy by giving me a vitamin supplement know as OPC. It really helps me to stay healthy and it also helps me to stay active. To find out more about this product check out the shopbox below.

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