Monday, May 09, 2011

A walk in the park

Smash is an outdoor dog and loves to roam free on our farm. However he also likes to go for rides in the Jeep.

Lately he has been walking to the back of the Jeep when the hatch is open and putting a paw on the bumper signaling that he wants to go. He has looked so sad when I tell him no. he just goes and lays in the the grass and pouts.

Yesterday I took him to town for a walk in his favorite park. As soon as he was out of the Jeep he was ready to go find the creek. I made him wait impatiently for our friends to arrive.

Once they were there he endured hugs from Jennifer's boys before we set off down the trail. We ducked under the fence and Smash dove in to the water. He swam around in a circle limited by the length of his leash. He was much happier to be wet.

He greeted another dog near one of the benches. They made some friendly sniffs and then we headed on down the trail. Smash made friends every where except for one little Chihuahua that growled at him.

After the walk in the park, we took the boys and Smash for ice cream. Janice and Jennifer went inside while I waited with Smash in the parking lot. People in the drive through line asked about his leg and told him he was a pretty dog. Even if it was slightly unorerish, he loved the attention.

Janice had to hold his ice cream cup for him while he licked it clean. Then he insisted on helping me finish mine. I thought I might get super barked before let him have it but he waited patiently for me to give him the last bite.

Back int he Jeep he laid down on the back seat. When we got home he trotted out to the driveway and promptly took a nap. All the excitement had worn him out. He was a happy dog.

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