Friday, April 15, 2011


Whoever said there is no such thing as tick season must never have lived in east Tennessee. Smash has hardly had a tick in months. He is always running and playing in the woods no matter what the weather so the environment has not changed.

But since it has gotten warmer, Smash has been getting several ticks a day. Our afternoon pet the puppy session have become tick removal sessions. I usually just pluck them with my fingers, but sometimes they are hard to get to. That is when I rely on my TRIX tick remover.

The TRIX remover has a little noose that I can loop around the tick and gently twist it off. Smash really does not like it much as it always get a little hair but it always gets the whole tick.

I have used the TRIX on myself as well. It is easy to use and always gets the head out.

I have found the best place to buy them is EBAY: TRIX Tick Remover

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