Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dogs Can Teach Us

Smash Is In The House

Yea!! I get to stay in the house while it is storming. I can stay warm and dry during this rainy, blustery day. I like to be in side the garage of the house lying in front of my skin mom's Jeep. I feel really secure.

My friend Link sometimes comes into the garage with me. He lies on top of the Jeep. Yeah, I know he is a cat, but he can't help that. He and I love to play chase with each other. Even when he gets to a tree first, he will come back down and let me chase him again. When I get there first I tag his nose and we run again. Life as a dog is really good, and I guess Link doesn't mind being a cat.

You know people could learn alot from us animals. We accept each other as we are and just enjoy life. We don't complain. We work to get along with everyone, and we don't worry about anything. Most of the time we live in a very peaceful environment. (It is not very peaceful for the dogs in service, and yes, we are thankful for the help they provide our service people.)

Still, people could take a few lessons from us. Accept others as they are. Make friends and enjoy just being in the moment.

Woof!! That's all for now.

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