Friday, July 23, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

A Dog's Point of View

This summer has been very hot for my dog Smash. He has been laying around most of the time just staying cool or at least staying as cool as possible. This past year Smash has had many skin issues, but I think one of the worst has been fleas. We have found a product that helps get rid of the fleas but here is Smash's take on it.

"The product is a pill that I have to take. It really tastes awful so I try to not swallow it. My Mommy had to try five times to get me to swallow it. I thought it was funny when I could get it between my teeth and lip. When she would think I swallowed it she would let go and I would spit it out on the ground. Hehehehehehehe!! I had fun doing this. However, I don't think Mommy thought it was as funny; therefore I swallowed the pill. Yes, I know it is a form of medicine, but within a few hours the fleas are gone and I no longer itch. Yeah!!"

Smash is correct. The pill really does work and the fleas are gone. This pill works for at least 30 days. I think it is better than putting the topical stuff on Smash since they irritate his skin more than the fleas.

Smash is a happy dog; especially when someone comes home and takes him for a swim in the creek. He also loves to get puppy petted. Lately he has been coming into the garage to stay cool and his friend Link the tuxedo cat enjoys being out in the hot summertime days.

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