Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Smash Orge Dog

When I read Ogre, Ogre by Piers Anthony, I keep thinking about dogs. So when I got this puppy I named him after the character in the book, Smash Ogre.

Too bad the name seems to have been interpreted by the universe in a different way. Instead of being the smasher - Smash has been the smashee on to omany occasions. From a random gunshot wound or two to being hit by a car, attacked by an unknown wild animal, to severe food allergies, Smash has gotten pretty Smashed up over the years.

But he remains as lovable and loyal as ever. He is always ready for a romp in the woods. If a car door stays open too long, he will be inside waiting to ride.

He has been a great friend and companion. Just this morning as I was rolling the trash can up the driveway, he was so excited to walk with me that he kept zooming back and forth like Hammy the Squirrel.

I love my dog Smash and I look forward to many more adventures with him. I will keep you posted.

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