Saturday, December 19, 2009

Smash The Amazing Dog and Allergies

Smash is an amazing dog and everyone who knows him, including his veterinarian will agree. As a puppy he was shot in the face and hit by a car. As a puppy he almost lost his leg twice, once due to the accident and about a month later when an infection set in. In the last year he has been attacked (possibly by a coyote), attacked by a rabbit (yes a rabbit him and a neighbor dog caught), hip injury from an unknown cause and of course was diagnosed with a food allergy from a dog food.

Smash has been through a lot and so have his joints. A few months ago Smash came up with a hip injury in which he struggled immensely to get up from the ground. Mike started him on the Pet Health OPC, which has had great results with dogs who are dealing with old age, injuries and allergies.

Within a few days it was noticeable that the OPC was helping Smash. He wasn't struggling as much as he was and within a week Smash was up and running again with the neighbor dogs.

Then he was attacked by a rabbit he and a neighbor dog were chasing.

Smash came home with all kinds of scratches and gashes all over his body.

He had also begun to scratch due to allergies with a specific dog food his "dad" had decided to try and Smash had loved. After going to the vet and getting a shot for the allergies, Smash was told he had to switch dog food(which was his previous dog food).

Smash continues to get the Pet Health OPC which keeps him going which is great for a "three legged" dog with a kickstand leg. To learn more about the Pet Health OPC and read more stories and reviews click this link.


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