Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dog potty training

Smash has always been an outdoor dog so he never really had to learn potty training. He has always been the dog who never wanted to mess up his yard or the trail. He would always find a place off the trail or out of his play space to poop.

It has been annoying that some of the neighbor dogs that he likes to play with don't have such nice manners. They will poop right in the drive way or on the trail right in the path! I guess as long as they are not in their yard they think it is OK.

Dogs do have a natural instinct to keep their living areas clean. You can use this instinct when potty training your dog. Make sure the area you want them to use for a potty is away from their food and sleeping areas.

Smash is really funny when he is hiking on a leash because he acts shy about finding a place to potty. I think he is really just showing his instinct to keep the trail clean because he likes to get off the trail and behind a tree or better yet under a bush or log. This behavior gets a little awkward when on the leash as he can really get me tangled up.

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